59 Second By UNCV

We design 59 second videos that inspire customers & investors to transact with SMEs and Startups with confidence & trust

With 59 second videos we direct you to build meaningful relationships before you pitch for business.

When you make the sincere effort of building a relationship, people trust you. Consistent, authentic, persistent communication builds trust

Human trust is powerful. When you consistently communicate your beliefs with persistence and authenticity, you will create breakthroughs in people’s minds about yourself. No marketing can ever create such a breakthrough.

#59Second videos direct you to share your beliefs with the world and spread opportunities and positivity

59Second by UNCV is a video format that pushes business owners to STOP MARKETING and START communicating with AUTHENTICITY.

59 videos, 59 seconds, 59 days = exponential growth in people’s recall about you

When people remember you, it will open incredible growth opportunities for your business.

Invest 10% of your 2018 marketing budget in #59Seconds by UNCV

Our promise is to build great relationships and make you be remembered as someone incredible to work with! Email: ps@uncv.co

#59Seconds by UNCV is NOT marketing

Marketing is a facade, a mask that you wear to be someone that you are not. #59Seconds by UNCV is completely opposite.