What is UNCV?

  • UNCV designs communication for businesses and spreads it via its partner media site 59second.com

What is different about UNCV?

  • We are entrepreneurs and not marketers.
  • We have 60+ years of combined experience in marketing, brand and venture growth.
  • We respect your hard earned money and hence we promise only exactly what we can deliver. We will say no, if we can’t do something with 100% conviction and expertise.

What makes UNCV work for SMEs / Emerging businesses?

  • Our customers have grown business. Call them, ask them. Hire us.

Why only emerging businesses?

  • All UNCV customers are founders of startups and owners of SMEs. We share deep and personal relationships with them overtime.
  • Our work is so much more valued. It makes a true difference in so many lives.
  • If we get large companies to work with as deeply, we will.

Why 59Second.com?

  • 59Second.com is a media venture that is owned by the parent company that owns UNCV.
  • At UNCV we consult and create communication for our customers¬†
  • 59Second.com has global reach that we use to spread our customers’ message to the world